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Akemi Stone Impregnation 1 Liter**
Sell Price: $23.95 EA
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Extended Price: $23.95
Cost Price: $23.95

 Additional Information

• Extreme reduction of water and dirt absorption during periods of moisture
• Rapid liberation of humidity during dry periods due to high vapour diffusibility
• Maintenance of breathing properties because there is no surface layer
• Resistance to UV radiation
• The color of the stone is normally not enhanced (preliminary test)

AKEMI Stone Impregnation is a ready for use product based on modified oligomeric alkylalkoxysiloxanes. The product is absorbed by the capillary forces of the stone and can therefore penetrate especially deep. A polysiloxane results from the catalytic reaction. In addition, a reaction with the silicate substance of the stone takes place which results in high efficiency for several years.


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