Black Lithichrome Stone Paint

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From every weathering angle Lithco colors are as durable as any color materials available today.
Ultraviolet light is the chief source of pigment and binder deterioration and Lithco colors are compounded from the most UV resistant pigments and resins known.

Brushing or Spraying:
For brushing Lithco Colors, ordinarily no thinning is required. Important Note: any time color becomes thicker, this means, some solvent has evaporated and must be replaced with Lithco solvent. Although each Lithco color bottle is sealed with tape, some solvent will evaporate in time. If colors become too thick, this seriously affects their adhesive qualities.
For spraying, some thinning is necessary. First spray a light coat let dry a few minutes and follow up with full color coat. For maximum protection spray coat of Clear Lithco over color coat. This also adds to richness of the color.
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