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Isolator - Vacuum Leak Detector
Vacuum leaks, no matter the cause, are your enemy. Sometimes just finding them is a real problem. The Isolator allows the operator to check for vacuum leaks by easily isolating suspicious items and then eliminating the problem.

Simply insert the Isolator in line upstream from the suspect item, connect the appropriate tube, apply vacuum to the item and, then, shut off the Isolator’s control valve and wait. If the gauge shows a loss of vacuum the suspect item is leaking. Simple as that. The leak may be caused by various factors, such as, a bad seal, a bad O Ring, damage to the part or defects in the table surface, etc.

With the Isolator you can quickly locate and “isolate” and eliminate nagging vacuum leaks which will in turn increase the your overall vacuum and effective holding power of your machine for better and faster processing.

Comes complete with Vacuum Gauge, Control Valve and four separate pairs of tube fittings [6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm and 14 mm] for isolating all vacuum lines commonly used.

ID#: 0806-0414

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